We are a small family farm in transition, sharing 40 years of practical experience in organic farming and sustainable living, and our living seed bank of heirloom and open pollinated seed diversity... SEE 2020 Seed List below (Feb 2,2021) See Request Seeds for details.

It is tantalizing to recall January 2014 on our former growing grounds in Willow Creek… weeding lush winter veges:  Four Season Cultivation Tools (VIDEO by Jake Trimble)

For over 40 years I have been (1) finding alternatives to routine cultivation and energy intensive practices which deplete soil and biodiversity; (2) trialing overwinter vegetable production in conjunction with Community Supported Agriculture, AND (3) rediscovering the natural selection of seeds for Bioregional abundance and economic sustainability.

    Code, Common Name/Variety, Crop or Plant Type, Source info- Descriptors
  • NOTE- Most of the 2020 seedlistings are available. S/H is reduced. (Feb.2, 2021)

H1 Artemisia Sweet Annie MISC-HERBS (A.annua) Alan Kapuler- flowering border
H2 Agrimony MISC-HERBS Ital.seedsaver- (Agrimonia sp) Shade grown astringent
H3 Cinquefoil MISC-HERBS Ital.seedsaver- (Potentilla recta) astringent root crop
H4 Bodegold CHAMOMILE JSS- vigorous flowering cultivar excels
H5 Erbastella MISC-HERBS Peace Seeds- Plantago species for gourmet salad
H6 Fennel- Zefa Fino- JSS For edible bulbs, medicinal seeds and beneficial insects
H7 Giant Head Clover (T.macrocephalum) Hoopa native with beneficial uses, annual
H8 Herb Patience SORREL ‘German spinach’-PA YO J perennial, huge leaves, flowers
H9 Marshmallow (Althea officinalis) MISC-HERBS Pacific Botanicals- per. herbal edible
H10 Vitex negundo- Chinese Chaste Tree MISC-HERB Oregon Exotics- flowering shrub

B1 Express ADZUKI-BEAN JSS- prolific production, Traditional from Japan.
B2 Black Gram DRY BEAN Lyle Martinez- North valley landrace w tiny seeds
B3 Chinese MUNG BEAN 1 volunteer made 8192 seeds- a whopping quarter pound!
B4 Blackeye #5 COWPEA Bush type concentrated set of larger green and dry beans.
B5 Calhoun Purple COWPEA Old school ‘southern peas’ aka ‘crowders’
B6 Arikara DRY BEAN DanJason- Saltspring I. Heirloom bush bean, shellies
B7 Black Turtle ‘Midnight’ DRY BEAN FEDCO- improved NE cultivar
B8 Corbett Refugee DRY BEAN Seed Dreams- wild genepool of color, size, shapes
B9 Hutterite Soup DRY BEAN Peace Seeds- vigorous bush for heart soups
B10 Jacobs Cattle DRY BEAN Traditional NE bean crop for short seasons
B11 Emerite POLE BEAN Robust climbers, for string, shellies, and dry beans
B12 Black Coco SNAP BEAN Mojave Kaplan- Sturdy high yields, multipurpose
B13 Crystal Wax SNAP BEAN Historic diminuitive space saver, w. concentrated pod set
B14 Lows Champion SNAP BEAN multipurpose, bush. Traditional, New England
B15 Yer Fasulasi SNAP BEAN Seed Dreams CA MU S- multipurpose heirloom, bush
B16 Mitla Black TEPARY BEAN Seeds of Change- wide adaptation, drought tolerant
B17 Sonoran Gold TEPARY BEAN ditto- heat and drought tolerant, est. 95 days

L1 Batavia Rouge Grenobloise Leaf LETTUCE Association Kokopelli
L2 Bioregional Rouge! LEAF LETTUCE Genepool mix, overwintering selection.
L3 Bronze Arrowhead Leaf LETTUCE SSE- Heirloom vigorous summer Red Oak
L4 Les Orielles du Diable Leaf LETTUCE Adaptive- large heads or repeated cuttings
L5 New Red Fire Leaf LETTUCE 7Seeds- productive cutting in winter!
L6 Red Sails LQ LEAF LETTUCE AAS- voluminous upright rosy leaves
L7 Tango LQ LEAF LETTUCE Delicate lime green frills for cooler conditions
L8 Strela Green Swordleaf LETTUCE M.Schultz vAlan Kapuler. Vigorous cutting leaf.
L9 Carmona BUTTER LETTUCE JSS Lush green-red heading
L10 Kinemontpas Butter LETTUCE JSS Heat tolerant, bolt resistant winner
L11 Mikola LQ Butter LETTUCE Adaptive- historic organic cultivar, reddish
L12 Sangria LQ ButterLETTUCE Adaptive- early organic favorite, ditto
L13 White Seeded Samara Butter LETTUCE Adaptive- winter hardiness!
L14 Cardinal Cross CRISP LETTUCE- genepool mix from romaine to frills
L15 Jester CRISP LETTUCE Wild Garden streaker beats the Heat!
L16 Sierra Batavian CRISP LETTUCE very thrifty summer heading…
L17 Speckled #17 semiCRISP LETTUCE Shasta-Trinity strong overwinter
L18 Wild Garden Winter ltd mix semiCRISP LETTUCE ditto
L19 Victoria Crisp LETTUCE Cooks Garden- summer largesse

G1 Bloomsdale SPINACH Redwood City Seed- tried and true OP variety
G2 Galilee SPINACH Territorial- Mideast prickly seeded variety can take some heat
G3 Giant Nobel SPINACH Baker Creek- robust Heirloom is too big for some gardens
G4 Five Color Silverbeet SWISS-CHARD Southern Oregon Organics
G5 Golden SWISS-CHARD Syn- aka ‘Chilean Beet’ with dazzling color & vitamins
G6 Magenta Spreen LAMBS-QUARTERS Peace Seeds- Heirloom species, robust
G7 Shungiku MISC-VEGETABLE Kitazawa- Edible chrysanthemum for salad, cuisine
G8 Arugula GREENS aka’Rocket Salad’ Start cutting early, often & allow to self sow
G9 Spring Raab- RAPINI FEDCO- First early greens shoot up, with edible flowers
G10 Broadleaf CRESS Ecology Action- species w round leaf, grows large with space
G11 Curly CRESS – LeMarche Seed- Tried and true, fastest production, pungent w. age
G12 Nigerian CRESS Rose-Marie Lacherez (AU)- Heirloom garden cress
G13 Wrinkled-Krinkled CRESS FrankMorton- distinctive salad cress is a winner
G14 Ho Mi Z MUSTARD-GREEN Frank Morton- ‘horned’ stems are dense, sweet
G15 Osaka Purple MUSTARD-GREENS Redwood City Seed- Traditional leafy green
G16 Italian Giant PARSLEY Fedco- Most productive with gourmet quality
G17 Marino CILANTRO-CORIANDER JSS Delicate leaves- New
G18 Rani CILANTRO-CORIANDER JSS a strong contender
G19 Santoh Slow Bolt CILANTRO-CORIANDER JSS Reliable
G20 Standby CILANTRO-CORIANDER TimPeters- overwintering selection
G21 Tango CELERY High Mowing Seed- Best in class organic celery cultivar
G22 Zefa Fino FENNEL LeMarche Seed- Perennial herbal edible, insectary plants

R1 Chioggia BEET JSS- All time favorite for heat tolerance, thrifty growth, mild flavor
R2 Early Wonder BEET Fedco- Best early greens production for rapid thinnings
R3 Detroit Dark Red BEET Traditional deep red color & reliability.
R4 Harris Model PARSNIP Fedco- Best for deep soil/beds, classic long roots
R5 Laurentian RUTABAGA JSS- venerable OP cultivar, deep color ‘SwedeTurnip’
R6 Touchon Deluxe CARROT Sourcepoint Seed- a delectable variant of Nantes
R7 Evergreen Bunching ONION JSS- perennial/ reseeder, versatile greens/ flowers
R8 Garlic Chives- Nira MISC-ALLIUMS JSS- Robust cultivar resembling garlic, Per.
R9 Takinogawa Long BURDOCK Ecology Action- Traditional herbal edible, Japan

S1 Elephant Head AMARANTH Peace Seeds- Ornamental edible, fat edible greens
S2 Ruby Red AMARANTH Gabriel Howearth- Lone volunteer made a pound of seed.
S3 Apache Cane SORGHUM Sourcepoint Seed- Tall with red splattered seedheads
S4 Himalayan Finger MILLET Sourcepoint Seed- Robust producer, semi hulless grain
S5 Sesame, Kingoma MISC-GRAINS Kitazawa- Blonde seeds in profusion

F1 Peace & Freedom SUNFLOWER Syn- Capay valley select -AutumnBeauty
F4 Cerinthe MISC-FLOWERS A dear friend LQ
F5 Rudbeckia Toto MISC-FLOWERS JSS
F6 Tithonia, Mexican Sunflower MISC FLWR Robust annual border, beneficial habitat


SEEDSAVERS MEMBERS AND OTHERS- We still maintain many of the varieties we listed in SSE’s Yearbook…  we hope to identify sources for seeds we no longer maintain. So let us know if you have pure viable seeds- any amount- that you would like to exchange.

Honorary medallion presented to George Stevens by Kent Whealy (co-founder of Seed Savers Exchange) for having rescued hundreds of public domain seed varieties from commercial extinction. Synergy Seed Exchange  ranked in the top dozen of all 400 north american seed companies in the most recent edition of the Garden Seed Inventory.

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