We are a small farm family business in transition as we share a quarter century of practical experience in organic farming and sustainable living, and our living seed bank of heirloom and open pollinated seed diversity…

Please find us at many events in northern California and Southern Oregon, with a road show- seasonally appropriate- of  homegrown and open-pollinated seeds, digital media, tools, seed saving information, reference books and more!

Now we have Spring just arriving – and a rainy winter behind us- so it is tantalizing to recall where we were back in January 2014 on our growing grounds in Willow Creek… weeding in some really lush winter veges that were sown in autumn:  Four Season Cultivation Tools (VIDEO – special thanks to Jake Trimble)

For nearly 40 years I have been (1) finding alternatives to routine cultivation and energy intensive practices which may deplete our soil and natural resources; (2) creating new market niche opportunities especially for overwinter vegetable production, and Community Supported Agriculture, AND (3) incorporating the age old practice of natural selection of seeds for local and regional abundance and economic sustainability.


SEEDSAVERS MEMBERS AND OTHERS- We still maintain many of the varieties we listed in SSE’s Yearbook…  we hope to identify sources for seeds we no longer maintain. So let us know if you have pure viable seeds- any amount- that you would like to exchange.

Honorary medallion presented to George Stevens by Kent Whealy (co-founder of Seed Savers Exchange) for having rescued hundreds of public domain seed varieties from commercial extinction. Synergy Seed Exchange  ranked in the top dozen of all 400 north american seed companies in the most recent edition of the Garden Seed Inventory.


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