About Us

Welcome to Synergy Seed Exchange! For over 30 years our work has focused on Heirloom seed preservation & production, ranking in the top dozen of all North American seed companies for preserving unique and rare varieties . (See Garden Seed Inventory #6 published by Seed Savers Exchange)

Discover a world of diversity while perusing our Seed List.. And please keep us working to conserve and develop our open-pollinated and public domain seeds by sending us an ORDER for seeds today. We now accept PAYPAL- the secure online payment method- see Ordering Info in the seed list for details. Your satisfaction and enjoyment is our goal and we pledge to provide the same personal service that has kept us in the forefront of organic food & farming for over 30 years.

Gardening provides sustenance and inspiration through a direct connection with nature. From an intimate ‘square yard’ growing bed or containers to an acre or much more your experience is unique to your local ecosystem, your food preferences and the seeds with which you begin. Our hand-crafted Heirloom Seeds along with Seed Saving and Growing information will empower you to achieve greater proficiency and freedom in the garden while conserving resources and precious time. You can save seeds for future use and develop superior qualities of flavor, resistance and performance as generations of gardeners have always done. Together we will make the world a healthier place by focusing upon our food and the soil under our feet.

Our journey beyond organic to ecological sustainability requires common sense, awareness of our roots and perseverance in our daily actions. Supplanting the bells and whistles of industrial technology with an appreciation for biodiversity must be more than just a hobby if we want future generations to be able to enjoy the commons of air, water, sunlight and other essentials which humans previously have taken for granted. The garden- coupled with the kitchen- plays an essential role in refreshing our humanity, our culture and our health…
Here’s to you and yours! George Stevens