Request Seeds

We are now operating under the new Non-Commercial Seed Sharing provision of CDFA, so it is important to note that our seed samples are free but a shipping and handling fee is charged, as with requests from the national Seed Savers Exchange and Grassroots Seed Network (typically ranging from $3-5 per sample).

Please request seeds using the Contact Us form.
List the code (letter-number) for each variety.
(Minimum request of 4 samples and Limit of 1 of each variety).
Please include alternates in case we run low on something.
Calculate S/H at our special rate of $2.50 per sample (Corn-$5).
Send the form including your mailing address.
We confirm with a Paypal money request or mail instructions. When S/H payment is received we make necessary adjustments. Customer service daytime message number is provided.

Include the following for us to help you make seed selections:
Exposure, Soil, Elevation, Plant communities, Shade and Water
You may request a refund up to the day your seeds are mailed. We’ve had few complaints in 25 years but honor them gracefully. Under current circumstances please allow 2 weeks for delivery. Ours is a slow food enterprise reflecting our devotion to Turtle Island.
THANKS AGAIN, George Stevens

Lettuce, Greens and Tomato Seedlings- enough seedlings for a large market garden and thinnings your family can eat while the outdoor garden progresses. For the hardiest vegetables seedlings and seed production we routinely employ bareroot transplanting from nursery rows such as these.

We will have more Greens and Rootcrops seeds listed after another round of field testing, so dont be in a rush and bring your best ever four season harvest home with judicious planning and timing. As we go forward it will be all about maxxing out the growing season in the Northstate in spite of what could be another serious drought. That’s a tremendous challenge!

We can arrange varying levels of seed support, including free shipping, bulk and additional seed varieties. in support of local food security, community gardening and most importantly seed saving. We also want to encourage more local growing and marketing with technical support as our next economy emerges.

Our long term focus is to keep regenerating as much of our extensive seed archive as possible. We will be posting more content here soon! Virtual work trades are also welcomed.